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Laugh At It
Banned Commercial(mpg)Oh this is great!!! Just watch it already!
Pause(mp3)One of the greatest Interludes ever. An mp3 courtesy of Extended F@mm Check out their music!
DG Ad(wmv)Wow... i want some Dolce & Gabbana shades now!!!
Pissed Off at Someone?(website link)Tell em to make u a sandwich! Send em here!
Urban Legends(website link)Check out these urban legends. Fact? or Fiction?
Jack Schitt Story(flash)Now you can tell folks u DO know Jack Schitt!
End of the World (flash)How we've screwed ourselves.
Mad Cow(flash)He'll tell you why he's mad son!!
Mario Twins (flash)Another one (also the FULL version!) from GroupX who brought u BANG BANG BANG!
Bang Bang Bang (flash)"I just want... bang bang bang!"
Kid Smokes(jpg)Kid takes a Cig Break.

Play With It
Bush Shootout!!!(website link)Shoot out with Bush!
Escape from Neverland(website link)Help Michael stop the boys from escaping!!!
Peep This(exe)Bus Stop Peep Show?