These are the Snapple "Real Facts" that I have managed to somehow keep track of over time. You can go to the website and check up on some "Real Facts", but last time i checked, they didn't have ALL of them. Neither do i. Enjoy!
Fact #"Real Fact"
2Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons
6A honey bee can fly at 15 miles per hour
7A queen bee can lay 800-1500 eggs per day
9The average speed of a house fly is 4.5 miles an hour
18A jellyfish is 95% water
24The state of Maine has 62 lighthouses
29On average a human being will spend 2 weeks kissing in his/her lifetime
30Fish have eyelids
31The average human eats 8 spiders in his/her lifetime while sleeping.
32There are 1 million ants for every person in the world
47Giraffes have no vocal chords
48Cats can hear ultrasound
58A sneeze travels out of your mouth at over 100 miles an hour
61Pigs can get a sunburn
66Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza everyday
71There is a town called Big Ugly, West Virginia
76The average person spends about 2 years on the phone in a lifetime
110Frogs never drink
111Only male turkeys gobble.
112 At birth, a Dalmatian is always pure white.
113The fastest recorded racehorse was over 43 mph.
114The oldest known animal was a tortoise, which lived to be 152 years old.
115Bamboo makes up 99% of a panda's diet.
117The starfish is the only animal that can turn its stomach inside out.
118Honeybees are the only insects that create a form of food for humans.
119The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
120The only continent without native reptiles or snakes is Antarctica.
121The only bird that can swim but not fly is the penguin.
122A duck can't walk without bobbing its head.
123Beavers were once the size of bears.
124Seals sleep only one and a half minutes at a time.
125Pigeons have been trained by the U.S. Coast Guard to spot people lost at sea.
126A pigeon's feathers are heavier than its bones.
127A hummingbird's heart beats 1,400 times a minute.
128Dragonflies have six legs but cannot walk.
130Koalas and humans are the only animals with unique fingerprints.
131Penguins have an organ above their eyes that converts seawater to fresh water.
132A crocodile cannot move its tongue.
133Honeybees navigate by using the sun as a compass.
134An ant can lift 50 times its own weight.
135A single coffee tree produces only about a pound of coffee beans per year.
136Strawberries are the only fruit whose seeds grow on the outside.
137The city of Los Angeles has 3x more automobiles than people.
139Hawaii is the only state with one school district.
140Holland is the only country with a national dog.
141The square dance is the official dance of the state of Washington.
142Hawaii is the only U.S. state never to report a temperature of zero degrees F or below.
143"Q" is the only letter in the alphabet not appearing in the name of any U.S. state.
144Texas is the only state that permits residents to cast absentee ballots from space.
145Lake Superior is the world's largest lake.
146The largest fish is the whale shark - it can be over 50 feet long and weigh 2 tons.
147Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic
148The tallest man was 8 ft. 11 in.
150The first sport to be filmed was boxing in 1894.
151The fastest served ball in tennis was clocked at 154 miles an hour in 1963.
152In 1985, the fastest bicyclist was clocked at 154 mph.
153The speed limit in NYC was 8 mph in 1895.
154Americans spend more than $630 million a year on golf balls.
155In 1926, the first outdoor mini-golf courses were built on rooftops in NYC.
157The first TV soap opera debuted in 1946.
158The first MTV video was "Video Killed the Radio Star," by the Buggles.
159The first TV show ever to be put into reruns was "The Lone Ranger."
160One alternate title that had been considered for NBC's hit "Friends" was "Insomnia Café."
161The first TV network kids show in the U.S. was "Captain Kangaroo."
162The temp. of the sun can reach 15 million degrees F.
163The first penny had the motto "Mind your own business."
164The first vacuum was so large, it was brought to a house by horses.
165Your eye expands up to 45% when looking at something pleasing.
166Before mercury, brandy was used to fill thermometers.
168One brow wrinkle is the result of 200,000 frowns.
169The first human-made object to break the sound barrier was a whip.
171The most sensitive parts of the body are the mouth and fingertips.
175In 1634, tulip bulbs were a form of currency in Holland.
176The first bike was called a hobbyhorse.
177The first sailing boats were built in Egypt.
178The first ballpoint pens were sold in 1945 for $12.00.
179The first lighthouse to use electricity was the Statue of Liberty in 1886.
180The first VCR was made in 1956 and was the size of a piano.
181The first jukebox was located in San Francisco in 1899.
183The Capitol building in Washington, DC has 365 steps to represent every day of the year.
184The most used letters in the English language are E, T, A, O, I and N.
185A male kangaroo is called a Boomer.
186A female kangaroo is called a Flyer.
187There are over 61,000 pizzarias in the U.S.
188Antarctica is the driest, coldest, windiest and highest continent on earth.
190Thailand means "Land of the Free."
245The first typewriter was called the "literary piano."
256There are more saunas than cars in Finland.
282If you drive from Los Angeles to Reno, NV, you will be heading west.
296In 1860, Abraham Lincoln grew a beard at the suggestion of an 11-year-old girl.
324The legs of bats are too weak to support their weight, so they hang upside down.
326On average, you'll spend a year of your life looking for misplaced objects.
337Farmington, Maine, celebrates Chester Greenwood Day to honor the inventor of earmuffs.
350The watersheds that supply water to New York City are roughly the size of Delaware.
353The weight of the moon is 81 billion tons.
355A tune that gets stuck in your head is called an earworm.
383Mt. Katahdin in Maine is the first place in the U.S. to get sunlight each morning.