Look At It
Snapple and Snaffle Facts(link)My personal list of Snapple and now Snaffle Real Facts.
Win iTunes(website link)This is how u can ALWAYS win free iTunes!

Laugh At It
Walk In Fridge (wmv)One of every man's dreams.
These Two(flash link)Uhh.. two guys. Just watch it. Funny. Be Patient.
Real O.G.s(flash link)This is how the REAL O.G.s do it!
Unlucky Pool Shot(wmv)Wow.. "un"lucky pool shot indeed.
Indian Breakdance(flash link)This is just too funny. Lil kid, or a lil person? You decide!
Easter B!(flash)The Easter Bunny can kick a rhyme too!
Zazoo Commercial(wmv)YESH!!! Found this one again.. gotta love this kid!!
STFU!!!(flash)Here's another way to handle it if you ever want someone to really SHUT IT UP!!!
Buckle Up!(avi)THIS.. would be a pretty good reason to wear a seatbelt!
Smiley's Back (flash)Every wonder what the back of a smiley face looked like? Now you can find out!
Hey Ya (mov)'Hey Ya' The Charlie Brown Remix!
BK Xmas (flash)Let the newest Burger King employee get u in the xmas spirit!
Matrix Ping Pong (website link)Ever seen Ping Pong Matrix style?
Calvin & Hobbes (pps)Calvin's snowman adventures. (powerpoint)
Deng Deng (flash)Can u look at this for 60 sec without laughing?

Play With It
Bubble Wrap!(flash)Who can resist popping endless bubble wrap!?!?
Be the DJ!(website link)You can scratch and mix and everything here.
Wire Frame Guy (flash)Control a skeleton... puppet style!
Singin Horses (flash)Horse Harmony flash thingie
BooBah!(website link)I dont know what these things are.. but they get addicting... seriously.
Cubicle Party (exe)Youve been in the meeting.. now back to the cubicle!
Bored Meeting (exe)Do what you always wanted to during a meeting!